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Dr. Daniel J. Linares has been practicing medicine in California since 2005 and has been named since 2014 among the best doctors in the world by the "Leading Physicians of the World." Dr. Linares is a specialist in Family Medicine in Los Angeles County where he manages an urgent care, in Rosemead a primary care practice, and in Corona an aesthetic clinic. The Dr. also offers hospice services, "home health", in-home intravenous therapies and much more.

Dr. Linares is board certified in Family Medicine and board certified in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine which includes Botox, dermal fillers, lasers, facials and weight loss. Dr. Linares began his medical studies in 1996 at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Mexico then completed his final year at New York Medical College in 2000.

He began his post-med training in General Surgery at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. , NY, where he also gained over three months of experience in Plastic Surgery. He then continued his training in Family Medicine at St Joseph's Medical Center, Yonkers, NY where he finished in June 2005. Dr. Linares is a frequent guest on television channels such as Univision, Telemundo, UniMas, TV Azteca and Estrella TV talking about medicine, health and beauty. He is also a weekly guest on the radio show El Bueno la Mala y el Feo on Univision Radio.

Dr. Linares has also created a telemedicine system throughout the United States exclusively for men with intimacy problems. VIAPROMEDS was launched in 2018, with the purpose of providing men with a safe and private place to get help with intimacy issues. As a frequent guest on various media such as television, radio, and social media, Dr. Linares has become a trusted and influential voice in the community.

He shares his advice and medical information through his social media pages, weekly Facebook Live and YouTube channel, as well as during his weekly segment on the radio show "El Bueno la Mala y el Feo", and through his contributions at Telemundo.com/Lifestyle.
Dr. Daniel J Linares

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